Monday, September 7, 2009

Kuwait- Camp Buehring

Charlie Co. is in Kuwait. Its hot... we're in the desert! There's really not a whole lot to Buehring. There are a few fast food places, a pretty decent chow hall... and an ok PX. The only decent computer access here is at the USO which can be up to an hour long wait. But the USO has a lot of other cool ammenities, like XBOX, PS3, Movies, etc. Well, gotta go for now.


  1. we are cheching blog often keep us posted Dad

  2. Met your family @ Bikes on Broadway in Columbus this evening. Keith & Anita are awesome! I just returned myself from a year in SE Iraq, and my brother just started his year in Afghanistan. I hope the year goes by quickly and uneventful. Take care, and hit me up on Facebook. (